what i do

As your DJ, I’ll be doing more than just pressing blinking buttons. I’m going to introduce you to music mixology where knowing your music and reading the crowd is key. I’ll program the songs you love and, when the time is right, drop the beat and bring the party to life.

Keep the room poppin’. I’ll bring my upbeat personality to your stage as Master of Ceremonies and official party starter. A little flare and seamless transition will keep your guests engaged and your event running smoothly.

Crank things up a bit and I don’t just mean the volume. Video mixing takes the party to the next level. I’ll blend my music mixology with artist music videos to create an unforgettable sensory experience.

You want the ultimate blend of beats to create an atmosphere in a restaurant or poolside, brighten up a place, or your own personal mix to just jam to in the car or while you pump iron at the gym. Let’s sit down over coffee and you tell me your vision and I’ll create a custom mix of music.

Mics off and headphones down, I put pen to paper. Truly, fingers on my slick Macbook. With a B.A. in Mass Communications, and a background in TV news writing, I had to keep using those skills somehow. I’ll keep your readers buzzing about your pub on the latest DJ, lifestyle, and entertainment trends. If it’s a feature story or an upbeat blog, it’s a story worth spreading so let me tell it for you, in my style.