Being a professional Wedding DJ/Emcee, I cringe when I hear engaged couples say, “We want to save money, so we are going to put all of our music on an iPod and press play for our Wedding!” Yes- you will save money, but you won’t save yourselves a massive migraine and regret that you didn’t have a professional with music expertise and a mic. Here are my reasons why it’s better to look at ways of cutting your budget elsewhere and spend more money on your DJ entertainment.

  1. iPods can’t Emcee. How are you and your wedding party going to be introduced? And how are your guests going to know what is next?
  2. iPods can’t create a timeline for you and make sure the evening flows smoothly.
  3. Who is going to control the iPod? Mother of the Bride, Aunt Lucy, Grandpa Joe? I don’t think so – they are guests at the wedding and should remain that way.
  4. iPods don’t come with top of the line speakers. Average speakers will not fill the space of a big room with for 75+ guests.
  5. iPods can’t read a crowd and maintain energy on the dance floor!
  6. What if the iPod doesn’t work or malfunctions. What is your backup plan?
  7. iPods don’t beatmix. Beatmixing is blending the songs with similar tempo together, so you have a flawless stream of music from one song to the next without dead air. That 2 second gap between songs on an iPod can kill the energy on your dance floor.

If you are planning a wedding or have a friend or relative planning a wedding and you hear them say they are considering just using an iPod, please do them a HUGE favor and share this blog with them. Even better, have them call me!

I do have to add one more thing… I feel that there are specific wedding scenarios that an iPod could work. For example, if it’s a small intimate gathering (50 or less guests) or a backyard BBQ type situation.

“and if the music is good, they will dance.”