Every year in August, thousands of mobile and club DJs from all over the US travel to Atlantic City to attend the DJ EXPO! DJ Times magazine produces the show that has been running since 1990. It is packed with seminars, workshops, panels, and an exhibit hall which features the latest technologies in all product segments of the DJ industry. In other words it’s Heaven for DJs! 🙂

They have a popular Keynote Q & A series and this year they had one of the most recognizable entertainers of today, Lil Jon. He has not only built his career as an artist, entrepreneur, and producer, but also as and international DJ! I listened attentively and took notes, hoping to grab nuggets of information to inspire me as a DJ or just memorable quotes. I wouldn’t say he said anything that gave me an “A-HA” moment, however, he did captivate the audience because he is quite entertaining to listen to and has such a down to earth, spunky, and comical personality. There were defintely alot of moments of side splitting laughter throughout the hour long Q & A! Here are a few highlights.

Part of his success he has attributed to his versatile abilities. “I’ve never been piegeonholed into one box. I’ve been able to jump around.” He also adds “I’m the same person I was 15 years ago… just maybe more tired.”

One of the funniest quotes I wrote down was when he was talking about the problem with hip hop and rap music nowadays. He feels there isn’t as much appeal to crowds in the clubs because they produce the tracks at such a low bpm, so it makes it hard to dance to. He feels it’s especially hard for certain women who just want to dance. “Other women want to dance, white women just want to wiggle.” I couldn’t agree more…except for me. I’m an exception! haha!

Of course people wanted to know about more about his 12 word smash hit with DJ Snake, “Turn Down for What” and how it came about. He confessed that it only took him 30 minutes to make. He knew it’d be a club banger, but he revealed he was honestly suprised that it became such an immense sensation. He then followed up with one of the best quotes, “if you can capture a moment with people, that is something they won’t let go.

When someone asked him for advice on how to grow as a DJ, he expressed being a good person and hustling are important, but also stressed that “networking is key to success!” I can definitely agree with him on that!