When I started DJing 13 years ago, female DJs were few and far between…even today it is very much a male dominated industry. About 99% of the time I still get the surprised looked when I tell people what I do. I don’t blame them, because when I pictured what a DJ looked like before I started, I thought of a male with maybe a crazy frohawk, edgy style, and tattoo sleeves. Definitely not a spunky blonde cheerleader type! 😉 But, I was the type of kid growing up that liked to try anything and everything that sounded fun! Whether it was theater, gymnastics, ice-skating, horseback riding, or karate, my parents never said “no” and were always so supportive. “Sure, honey! Give it a try!” I knew in my heart I had to try DJing despite the cliché of a DJ because I was a performer at heart, loved music, and it sounded so much fun! I can only imagine what my parents were thinking when I called them up from college and told them about it. Of course they reacted like usual, “Disc Jockeying sounds like fun!” I’m sure they were thinking that it better not interfere with studying and I still finish my college education…which I did.


First night DJing at First Run at Miami University of Ohio in Oxford, Ohio

After my first night spinning in the nightclub, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to pick out a DJ name and DJ outfits, along with buying my own gear. I also started looking up other DJs to look up to as my role models. I found a couple female DJs who were doing amazing things and DJing big events- they had made their mark in the industry! Naturally, they became my role models and gave me the confidence that lil ol’ me in Ohio could do it if I put my heart, mind, and soul into it.


DJing 13 years later! Color Vibe 5k in Dayton, Ohio

There are both fans and critics of female DJs. So the journey has certainly been filled with challenges that I’ve had to conquer in addition to booking gigs just because I am a female and there’s a “cool” factor when people see a female rockin the decks. At the end of the day, I want clients to book me because I’m the right fit for the gig and have the talent, knowledge, and professionalism to perform the event successfully.

I hope to inspire other girls and women that they can become a rockstar DJ or anything else they put their mind to in spite of what society has painted. We ALL can paint our own canvas or in DJ terms,make our own beats. Let’s encourage one another to achieve what we think may be the impossibleand make it possible.