“Own Your Strong”…those 3 fierce words were heard loud and clear at the Michigan International Speedway last weekend in Detroit, MI. I was the start line MC for Mudderella, which is a world class, 5-7 mile long muddy obstacle course that was designed by women and isn’t meant to be competitive. It empowers women to take pride in their inner and outer strength. It also proves that there is more to life than going to the gym and everyone deserves to treat themselves to a fun and memorable experience.

It started off as an overcast, cold, and windy day but eventually the clouds began to separate and the piercing blue became visible with the the sun’s rays shining over us.

This is the first year for the event and it was my first time being an MC for that type of event! I was really excited but also nervous as well. I had to come up with a 7-10min message to inspire the Mudderellas and get them pumped up before sending them off on a the mud-crazy course of 15 obstacles!

Here is a tidbit from my pep talk: “Fitness is 100% mental. Negative thoughts can weigh us down and hold us back from achieving our goals. You are stronger than you think you are, so we have to turn those “I can’t” moments into “I can” – That’s why it’s very important to surround yourselves with positive role models and a motivational support system…..You’ve got 6 miles, 15 obstacles ahead of you… Some of you may be thinking this is going to be the best 6 miles of my life, while others may be afraid or have some doubts…maybe someone told you “you can’t do that” or “you aren’t strong enough” or “you are crazy for doing that.” Well, the fact that you all are standing here at the start line means you all are CRAZY!! But, most importantly, YOU ALL CAN DO THIS, YOU ALL ARE STRONG ENOUGH, & YOU ALL BELONG HERE… Are you with me? AWW YEEAH!”


After I sent off the last tiny but mighty wave of Mudderellas, I was asked by Mirium, the official trainer for Mudderella, if I wanted to run the course with her! Well, I was hesitant at first because I’m not much of a “runner”and obviously she is in better shape than I am, but since the day was about believing in ourselves, putting fears and doubts aside and realizing that we are stronger than we think we are, I decided to challenge myself and tag along! Even though I didn’t run the entire course, I was still proud of myself for pushing my body/min to do it and go further than I normally would of…I gave my fabulous self a hug for my efforts! I’m thankful to Mirium for sticking by my side even though I know she could of ran a lot faster! I decided I’m going to train before the next one! So-Mirium, get ready, we are going to be a muddy mess and love every minute of it!!! 🙂

Cher – Woman’s World