The exciting and overwhelming journey of wedding planning has begun! The music entertainment is one of the top 5 wedding vendors that is booked! The music soundtrack is such an important aspect of a wedding that the selection process should be done wisely. I’m going to guide you through what to think about and do as you search for the “perfect match” in wedding DJs!

  1. The style of the DJ should reflect your personal flair as a couple. Are you funky and fun? Formal and traditional? or laid back and informal? Or do you like a lot of games? Some DJs are really strong MCs – they are well spoken on the mic and interactive with guests, while others are better mixologists and focus on spinning a really strong dance set as if you are in a chic LA nightclub. And there are some can do both! Make sure to check with the DJ when you meet with them to ensure they can deliver the style & skills you are looking for.
  2. Every bride has a budget for their wedding, whether it’s big or small. So the price will be a huge determining factor. Websites like Perfect Wedding Guide, the Knotand Wedding Wire have useful wedding planning tools to help with budgeting. After you’ve done your research and figured out what your estimated budget is for your music entertainment, then you can search for DJs in the area that are within your price point. If you find yourself not feeling the choices within your budget, then you may have to up it a little to get what you are looking for. *Be cautious of anyone who quotes you way below of the majority of DJs in the area!
  3. Contract – make sure your DJ has a contract for your to sign to cover yourself and ensure that they show up to the wedding
  4. The experience of a wedding DJ. There are DJs who have done 300 weddings and those who have done 50. Know that the price will reflect the level of a DJs experience. I’m not saying to not go with the less experienced DJ because their prices may fit your budget. Again, it’s something to be aware of and may be important to you on your DJ search.
  5. Female or Male? There are amazingly talented DJs of both gender! You may not have thought about it before, but some might have a preference.
  6. Check out other client reviews. Chances are you won’t find a bad review, however, what the clients say in the reviews can help you get an idea of what type of services the DJ provides and what to expect. Also, ask other wedding vendors and the venue…they can either vouch for the DJ you are looking at or recommend solid DJs they’ve worked with.
  7. Meet in person. I can’t stress enough how important this is. You are hiring this person to be the entertainment specialist at one of the most celebrated days of your lives! You want the personality of the DJ to complement the personalities of you as a couple and the vision you foresee. Being able to interact and discuss any questions you may have about their services or pricing and packaging is way better done in person than over an email or text. It’s a good idea to interview a few DJs before you pick…unless you found your perfect match right on the first “date”!
  8. Above all, go with your gut instinct! 🙂

I’ll talk more about what questions to ask a DJ in another blog! Until then, happy music matchmaking!